Ocean Albatros | Antarctica Expedition Ship

Ocean AlbatrosOcean Albatros

Ocean Albatros can be used for many expedition cruises, including Antarctica and the Arctic.

The Ocean Albatros is a popular expedition ship around the world. It has a total of 94 staterooms or suites with unobstructed views and a large majority have private balconies. It is similar to the Ocean Victory in that it has two restaurants, wellness center, Albatros Nordic Bars, outdoor dining areas, modern lecture rooms, as well as other high-tech amenities. With over 50% fewer carbon emissions than traditional expedition ships, the ship has a significantly lower environmental impact. The guests will enjoy the highest level of comfort and sustainability. The Ocean Albatros is different from Ocean Victory as it offers a panoramic sauna, and more cabins for single travelers.

Tech Details

Ocean Albatros has the highest Polar code of 6, and Ice Class 1A. It is the ideal small ship for cruising due to its robust design and XBow(r). The design provides exceptional stability even in turbulent weather conditions. The ship is also Solas-classified, which ensures a safe return to port in the event of an emergency.

The vessel is a new generation of fuel-efficient vessels, with 4 diesel and 2 electric motors, which are all electronically controlled to improve both fuel economy and speed.


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  • Bar
  • Library
  • The Observation Area
  • Lecture Room
  • Albatros Ocean Boutique
  • Reception
  • Medical Clinic
  • Exercise
  • Albatros Polar & Spa
  • Infinity Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Panorama Sauna
  • Mudroom
  • Zodiac embarking
  • Kayak Platform
  • Bathroom
  • Elevator
  • Shower
  • Stairs


  • Arnarulunnguaq Observation Deck
  • Vitus Bering Lecture Hall
  • Jens Munk Restaurant
  • Exercise
  • Polar Spa
  • Sauna
  • Roald Amundsen Lounge Bar
  • Albatros Boutique
  • BBQ Deck
  • Peter Freuchen Library
  • Fridtjof Nansen restaurant
  • Otto Nordenskjold Mudroom
  • Knud Rasmussen Observation Lounge
  • Leif Den Lykkelige Pool Deck and Bar
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